Going Back to School

It’s spring time in North East United States where I live. For my kids, this is a particularly fun week – one full week without school thanks to spring break, easter egg hunt in church today, loads of fun with their cousins from Toronto and the list of exciting things goes on! Personally, I’m in back to school mode.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be participating in my first online learning course on Coursera. It’s an eight-week Personal & Family Financial Planning course offered by the University of Florida. I’m always on the lookout for tools and resources to give me an edge in my financial life. This course is appealing for several reasons

  • Flexible – it’s self-paced, allowing me to study on my own schedule while keeping up with the demands of a full-time job and other commitments. I consider the 5 – 7 hour weekly requirement manageable.
  • Coverage of Fundamentals – it covers personal finance basics such as time value of money, budgeting, credit, risk management and investment fundamentals. A detailed course syllabus can be found here. It assumes little to no previous finance knowledge so it’s suitable for someone just starting out. While I am not a newcomer to Finance, I hope it serves as a good refresher on the ABCs of personal finance.
  • Free – offered at no cost, I can dive into the course without any thoughts on how to pay tuition. I am enjoying my newly-minted student loan-free status. I’m glad I can engage in continuous learning without any concerns about tuition costs.

I hope to keep you posted on my progress in the coming weeks. You may even want to join me in class. To that I’d say, way to go!

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