One Quarter Down

In a few days, the first quarter of 2015 will be history.  “Who’s taking stock?” you ask. I am and hopefully so are you.  How’s the year shaping up for you financially? In my opening post this year, I shared with you my resolve to make 2015 a bull year – to own this year from a financial standpoint.

It all starts with a goal. The best things that have happened to me financially this year did not happen by chance. They were things I planned for and wrote down at the beginning of the year. Do you remember what your goals are? I encourage you to keep your goals at hand. Personally, my top goals for the year are saved on my phone. I carry them around as a constant reminder and revisit them often.

Goals are great but execution is key. The perfect plan, without taking action is inferior to a flawed plan pursued with passion. Don’t keep waiting for perfect conditions, seize the moment. I didn’t win the lottery or receive an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative but I am making progress towards my financial goals. I have high expectations for the future but I am learning to take prudent action in the now.

Take a moment to assess your financial standing at the end of this first quarter. Has your net worth increased compared to where you started the year? What has worked well? What do you need to do differently?

You can win financially this year – go for it!

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